Production Cycle

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Production Cycle


the period during which the objects of labor (raw products and materials) remain in the production process, from the beginning of manufacturing through the output of a finished product. In addition to the working time, the production cycle includes interruptions in production owing to physical, chemical, and biological (natural) processes (for example, the period required for tanning leather); the character of the objects of labor; or the technology and organization of production.

The production cycle represents part of the production time, excluding the period during which the objects of labor are in production reserves. The reduction of the production cycle accelerates the output of products and contributes to the better utilization of productive capital (seeFIXED CAPITAL STOCK; CIRCULATING CAPITAL), to the acceleration of the rate of turnover of circulating capital under socialism, and to the turnover of capital under capitalism. The most important factors for reducing the production cycle are the introduction of advanced technology and the automation of production processes.

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'At its full production cycle, the facility will contribute to the region's industrial potential.
He said 11 working groups from the ministry have been sent to the countryside to inform people not to start the next rice production cycle now and to save water.
Star Media Group, owner of The Star , Malaysia's leading English daily, will partner with Layout International, an enterprise solution provider, to optimize its newspaper production cycle and at the same time accelerate the company's transformation into multi-platform publishing and digital first news publishing.
Equipment for water purification (preparation) within the production cycle of JSC "Grodno Distillery".
Following the workshop, the farmers themselves indicated seven farms to be monitored during one fish production cycle, taking into consideration the interest of each farmer in participating in the study and the availability of the farmers to perform the necessary activities.
Most of the soils cultivated with banana in the Ribeira Valley region have low fertility, and the lack of fertilizer during the plant production cycle is one factor responsible for low banana yield (Moreira, 1999).
Knowing how to time cattle production cycles to match the forage production cycle in cattle pastures is a secret to creating a superior grass-fed beef product.
SABIC has aimed for the grades to comply with the industry's organoleptic requirements for taste and odour, with excellent stiffness and higher top-load strength for high stack ability that helps manufacturers achieve faster production cycle times, along with lower transport and storage costs.
DBC uses the production cycle time, which is an observed value, to assign resource (overhead) costs to the product lines.
The festival's street dances depict the production cycle of the fruit from planting to harvesting.
Despite involving unequal size, this kind of shipment policy provides the buyer with smaller quantities to "be getting on with" during the early stage of a production cycle. Hill [7] recommended a more general shipment policy of the form {q, [lambda]q, [[lambda].sup.2]q, ..., [[lambda].sup.n-1] q} (the first shipment size is q, and the following shipment size is the previous shipment size multiplying a fixed factor [lambda], where [lambda] in [1, P/D]), which generated a lower total cost, compared with the equal size and proportional size shipment policy.
"If you count the whole production cycle, pretreatment is second only to the cost of growing and obtaining the feedstock itself."

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