Production methods

Production methods

Processes and techniques that are used to manufacture a product. Production methods can vary greatly, depending on the specifications of the product and the quantity required. Determining the production methods is typically part of the process-planning phase of design, that is, the steps related to converting the design into a final product. Production methods must be considered carefully and planned properly because the production cycle generally represents a large investment of time and money. See Process engineering, Product design, Production planning

The two basic forms of production systems are job-shop production (for applications where the products are made either in single units or in limited production runs) and mass production. A third production form, specific process production, is normally restricted to industries such as the chemical process industry where the processing is the product, such as distilling and refining. See Unit processes

In spite of the many advances that have been made in the methods and equipment used in manufacturing, the basic categories of manufacturing processes have remained relatively unchanged. These can be divided into seven general categories: casting and molding, shearing and forming, machining/material removal, heat treating, finishing, assembly, and inspection. However, none of these processes is totally exclusive. See Heat treatment (metallurgy), Metal casting, Metal forming, Plastics processing

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Primarily carbon dioxide is a by-product of multiple industrial production methods such as ammonia and hydrogen.
[USPRwire, Wed Dec 12 2018] While some industries are facing a turmoil of supply-demand gap, leading companies are shifting their focus toward employing alternative production methods and expansion of their manufacturing facilities.
ISLAMABAD -- Regularly eating foods like bacon and sausages may raise the risk of breast cancer that can be reduced through new food production methods, according to researchers.
LineaRx provides these clients a faster, safer and less expensive manufacturing approach for these important biotherapeutics as compared to traditional production methods. As part of its recent formation, LineaRx subsumed the activities of Applied DNA as a CRO and Contract Manufacturing Organization, or CMO, to the biotherapeutics market.
Innovative production methods maximise a minimal budget, providing decent CGI for a fraction of the usual Hollywood cost.
Under the scheme for support of environmentally friendly and climate-friendly production methods, BGN 6 559 870 were transferred to 7012 farmers.
For those who seek these production methods, there are local 3D printing foundations in Europe and the US.
See the bigger picture IT never fails to amaze me that when new production methods are introduced into our cinemas, our provincial film critics can do little else but make disparaging remarks about them.
Concern about Earth's resources requires us to develop production methods with a small C[O.sub.2] footprint and a zero pesticide footprint.
Holocom is working with German vehicle companies on the development of holographic head-up displays and other instrumentation enhancements, and is also developing surface-relief production methods for nano- and micro-lenses and other nanostructures.

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