Professional Army

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Professional Army


an army where military service is the basic occupation and activity of all personnel.

In the history of armed forces, professional armies existed in ancient Greece, Rome, and other states. In the 14th through 18th centuries, Western European countries, such as France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands, had mercenary armies of professional soldiers who were at first called up for temporary periods and later became members of standing armies. In Russia the regular army of the 18th century and first half of the 19th, which was composed of recruits serving long terms, was in fact a professional army. Since the 19th century, after most European countries introduced universal military service, the armed forces have been raised by drafting citizens for a relatively short term of service. In the modern armed forces, Great Britain, the USA, and several other states have professional armies (wholly or partly).

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The book contains many illustrations highlighting the actions of the King to ensure that the FAR remain an example of commitment and dedication, and a professional army.The book is divided into six chapters.
Musazai said Pakistan's desire for peace should not be considered its weakness as we are a declared nuclear power with strong professional army and 220 million people.
"Would reiterate that as a professional Army we are committed to avoid civil casualties, especially along LoC.
Pakistan had a strong and professional army that was ready to retaliate in response to aggression, he said.
'Let me re-emphasise loud and clear, that the Nigerian Army is a professional army,'' he stated.
Professor Hameedah Nayeem called it 'the most barbaric conduct of the most professional army'.
The Lebanese Army has developed and modernised over the past ten years, to become a respected, professional army capable of countering threats internally and its border.
He said Pakistan could not respond to India in the same way as it did not suit a professional army and also because Kashmiri brothers were living on the other side of the border.
He said that a professional army being well trained, equipped and practised deters war.
A professional Army being well trained, equipped and practiced deters war,' the ISPR quoted the army chief as saying.
" He said that a professional army which is well-trained, equipped and practised deters war.

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