Professionalno-Tekhnicheskoe Obrazovanie

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Professional’no-Tekhnicheskoe Obrazovanie


(Vocational and Technical Education), a popular illustrated journal published monthly in Moscow by the State Committee for Vocational and Technical Education of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Founded in 1941 under the name Proizvodstvennoe obuchenie (Industrial Training), the journal was not published from June 1941 to March 1945; since 1953 it has been issued under its present name.

Professional’no-tekhnicheskoe obrazovanie is intended for teachers in vocational and technical educational and for those involved in the individual and team training of workers at enterprises. It publishes articles concerned with teaching and education, methodology, research work in vocational and technical education, improvement of the skills of workers in the engineering and teaching professions, and the generalization and dissemination of the latest teaching methods. It also contains information on the history of vocational and technical education, developments abroad, the most recent technical advancements, and new literature in the field. Circulation, more than 100,000 (1975).

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