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Electrical exploration wherein the transmitter and receiver are moved in unison across a structure to obtain a profile of mutual impedance between transmitter and receiver. Also known as lateral search.
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(in the working of articles), the reproduction by a cutting tool of a profile (outline) or shape (volume) of articles made from various materials on lathes, milling machines, and other machines equipped with duplicating devices or on special copying machines.

Mechanical profiling during the cutting of articles was first used in the early 18th century by the Russian engineer A. K. Nartov. Lathes with mechanical duplicating devices—for example, copying milling machines for engraving and duplicating devices used on lathes and milling machines—became widespread in the 19th century. Complex profiling machines with servomechanisms appeared in the early 20th century.

In profiling the source for the reproduction of an outline or shape is a template, pattern, model, or blueprint from which motion is transmitted to the cutting tool through a servomechanism consisting of a sensing device (transducer), an amplifying-converting device, a control circuit, and an actuating mechanism.

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