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gestagens, a group of substances with properties of the female sex hormone, progesterone (the hormone of the corpus luteum), and of the products of its metabolism.

Progestin are found in the corpus luteum, the placenta, ovaries, adrenals, and blood of humans and other mammals. The male sex glands also contain a certain amount of progestins. They exert influence on the mucous membrane of the uterus during pregnancy, ensuring normal development of the embryo. Substances exhibiting progestin-like activity have been obtained by chemical synthesis. Some of them (progesterone, pregnin) are used in medicine.

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Compared with women who didn't use OCs, however, those using a high-potency progestin OC had an odds ratio of 0.20 for endometrial cancer while women using low-potency progestin OCs had an odds ratio of 0.39.
* estrogen step-down ensures estrogen dominance in the first part of the cycle, thus stimulating endometrial proliferation and increasing endometrial production of progesterone receptors, which, in turn, sensitizes endometrium to the action of progestin
Progestin is also the active ingredient in the long-acting injected contraceptive Depo Provera (medroxyprogesterone) The intra-uterine device Mirena contains levonorgestrel, another progestin, as the active ingredient.
SAN ANTONIO -- Adding a progestin to estrogen replacement therapy markedly increases breast cancer risk over that with estrogen alone, Dr.
Oral contraceptives typically contain estrogen and progestin. Combination pills suppress ovulation (the release of an egg) each month and therefore prevent pregnancy by denying sperm a chance to connect with an egg and fertilize it.
Newer HRT formulations--those providing continuous-combined dosing of estrogen and progestin throughout each cycle--provide endometrial protection with lower doses of progestin, thereby reducing the potential of progestin-related side effects.
Preliminary data suggest that progesterone may be associated with a lower risk of breast cancer than 19-nor progestins appear to be.
No breast cancer link has been found with progestins in birth control pills, but in a recent study, estrogen-progestin hormone replacement therapy combinations increased breast cancer relative risk in lean women by eight percent per year of use vs.
Because the addition of a progestin to estrogen therapy in women with a uterus appears to play a key role in increasing the risk of breast cancer, and because a variety of progestins are available (including levonorgestrel, medroxyprogesterone acetate [MPA], norethindrone acetate, and progesterone), it makes sense to ask whether some progestins increase the risk of breast cancer more than others.
This suggests that, although the higher EE component in the 30 [micro]g pill was important when comparing 2 formulations with the same progestin, the difference in progestins of the two 20 [micro]g EE pills was most likely responsible for the differing rates of breakthrough bleeding.
Dr Langer will present recent updates from the Women's Health Initiative and other pivotal trials exploring the potential effects of progesterone and progestins in menopausal hormone therapy.
Progestins at high doses suppress endometriosis disease activity.

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