Program Evaluation and Review Technique

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program evaluation and review technique

[′prō·grəm i‚val·yə′wā·shən ən ri′vyü tek‚nēk]
(systems engineering)
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program evaluation and review technique (PERT)

A management control technique applied to building construction; determines what must be done to complete construction by a given date. Current construction progress is monitored on a computer and compared with the planned schedule so as to provide a management tool for further planning and decision making.
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Program Evaluation and Review Technique

(PERT) A method used to size a software product and calculate the Standard Deviation (SD) for risk assessment. The PERT equation (beta distribution) estimates the Equivalent Delivered Source Instructions (EDSIs) and the SD based on the analyst's estimates of the lowest possible size, the most likely size, and the highest possible size of each computer program component (CPC).
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