Program Manager

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Program Manager

The control center for Windows 3.x operation, which was introduced in 1990. It provided the means to launch applications and manage the desktop. Although the interface changed in Windows 95, Program Manager remained an option for a while (PROGMAN.EXE was included in Windows 95/98, NT 4.0 and 2000). See File Manager. See Win 3.1/9x differences.

Program Manager
Program Manager used resizable windows to group application icons to suit a user's work style. Many users found program launching easier with Program Manager than with the Start menu, and Program Manager remained available as an option for a while.

What Goes Around Comes Around
Reminiscent of Program Manager, the Mac Launchpad interface was added in 2011 to follow in the footsteps of the iPhone/iPad home screen (see Launchpad).
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Gutterman as program manager for the F-22 and F-22 Modernization Increment 3.2B Programs on July 19.
Most program management models give program managers the dual role of maintaining customer satisfaction and meeting account profitability goals.
The primary intention was to learn about program managers' daily experiences, including practices that support their work as well as areas of unmet need.
NPCA Central Valley Program Manager LAURA WHITEHOUSE quoted by the Sierra Star, in response to the President's $2.4 billion budget proposal for 2008, which includes the biggest funding increase for park operations in history.
How can the behavior of stakeholders be changed so that they will support rather than oppose the efforts of a program manager? One might think that the logical approach would be to change the beliefs that give rise to the undermining behavior, but that is a losing strategy.
Some organizations recognize this duality by evaluating program managers "above the line." Think about a line drawn at the bottom of the average program manager's budget.
For more information, visit or contact Paul Allred, IRRIS Program Manager, SDDCTEA (e-mail: or Brendan Wesdock, Director of Military Solutions, GeoDecisions (e-mail:
"When a project is large enough to require dedicated lines, the program manager as a strategic business manager makes sense.
Mitchell joined the OIG's staff in 1993 as an auditor, and was promoted to senior auditor in 1998 and to program manager in 1999.
As a battery-safety program manager, you are responsible for ensuring that personnel involved with handling and using all batteries receive quarterly training IAW the NAVOSH program.
The program manager can procure the design-builder and serve as the owner's representative during design and construction.

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