Program of Study

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Program of Study


an outline specifying the content and scope of knowledge, abilities, and skills that a student is expected to master in a given field of study, as well as the content of the field’s individual units and topics that are studied at each grade level. A program of study sometimes includes explanatory notes indicating the study goals of a given subject, the sequence for learning the subject’s content, the organization of the subject’s content, the methodology for teaching the subject, and the subject’s relationships to other subjects.

The content of a program of study should take into account the most recent achievements of science, technology, and culture, the social goals of the students’ upbringing, the development of the students’ creative abilities, and the continuity between the material being learned and material previously assimilated. The content of the program of study should also take into account the interrelationship among all the subjects studied, which reflects the interrelationship that exists among corresponding phenomena in the objective world.

The content of education that is outlined in a program of study is made explicit in textbooks, educational aids, and methodological instructions.

The USSR has standardized programs of study for educational institutions and for specialized disciplines.

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new research Irom the National Research Center on Career Technical Education found that across three large urban school districts, student participation in a program of study was associated with higher graduation rates, higher GPAs and more STEM credits earned.
A major factor was that his program of study was for an indefinite period of time.
The inclusion of tie Common Core is an asset for Henry and others, who are looking to expand the reach of the Green Program of Study to other Newiersey schools.
The project was designed to promote the implementation of CTE POS using the Program of Study Design Framework developed by OVAE, and to include a comprehensive evaluation of both implementation constancy and outcomes.
The IT program of study offers instruction in Computer Network Systems to help supply industry with knowledgeable and skilled workers.
Individuals attending a high school located in either Mountain View or Los Altos, CA, and graduating before fall 2006 with plans to attend a four-year college or university program of study beginning in fall 2006, were eligible to apply.
States develop the programs of study in consultation (at varying levels) with local programs, and each local recipient receiving funds under the Act will be required to offer the relevant courses of at least one program of study.
This campus will offer a two-year program of study in Electronics Engineering Technology, resulting in a diploma.
in Actuarial Science is a rigorous program of study focused on the core knowledge required of all actuaries and tested in the first four examinations of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and the Casualty Actuary Society (CAS).
To prepare students for careers that will meet the challenges of a competitive workforce, students must make career decisions that will enable them to follow a program of study from high school into a postsecondary institution and into a productive career.
Music education is a critical program of study that gets scant attention, and fewer and fewer dollars every year.
On behalf of the region, Drexel University, GPBA and the project's key participants, the Roadmap Grant from NIH is a tremendous honor and will enable us to provide a vital program of study for some of our most promising scientific minds," said Professor Tozeren.

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