Programmable Interrupt Controller

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Programmable Interrupt Controller

(integrated circuit)
PIC A special-purpose integrated circuit that functions as an overall manager in an interrupt driven system. It accepts requests from the peripheral equipment, determines which of the incoming requests is of the highest priority, ascertains whether the incoming request has a higher priority value than the level currently being serviced, and issues an interrupt to the CPU based on this determination.

PICs typically have eight interrupt lines, and two PICs are often cascaded to provide 15 available interrupt lines.

See also: Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller.
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60 MHz ARM7TDMI(TM) RISC core -- Programmable color LCD controller with 1024x768 resolution, up to 64K direct colors, 15 gray shades, and support for STN, CSTN, HR-TFT, TFT and DMTN -- Dual bus architecture (32/16-bit SDRAM, 16/8-bit SDRAM/Flash/ROM) -- 8KB on-chip memory, configurable as cache, SRAM or both (4K/4K) -- 3 UARTs, Synchronous serial, parallel, USB and IR communications interfaces -- Two-channel DMA, programmable interrupt controller, watchdog timer, counters/timers, PWM, real-time clock -- Low-power modes including active, standby, sleep and stop
The MPC107 contains an Embedded Programmable Interrupt Controller (EPIC) featuring five hardware interrupts as well as sixteen serial interrupts along with four timers.
QuickPCI devices contain four independent DMA channels for zero wait-state mastering, a powerful DMA transaction chaining mode, a flexible high-performance PCI target interface, a programmable interrupt controller, and mailboxes for I2O compliance under microprocessor control.

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