Programmable Logic Controller

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programmable logic controller

[prō′gram·ə·bəl ¦läj·ik kən‚trōl·ər]
(control systems)
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Programmable Logic Controller

(PLC) A device used to automate monitoring and control of industrial plant. Can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with a SCADA or other system.
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(1) (Power Line Communications) See broadband over power lines.

(2) (Programmable Logic Controller) A programmable microprocessor-based device that is used in discrete manufacturing to control assembly lines and machinery on the shop floor as well as many other types of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment in a plant. Typically RISC based and programmed in an IEC 61131 programming language, a PLC is designed for real-time use in rugged, industrial environments. Connected to sensors and actuators, PLCs are categorized by the number and type of I/O ports they provide and by their I/O scan rate.

In the late 1960s, PLCs were first used to replace the hardwired networks of relays and timers in automobile assembly lines, which were partially automated at that time. The programmability of the PLC enabled changes to be effected considerably faster. Contrast with PAC and DCS. See IEC 61131.
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In the frame of this project concept of remote design of control systems based on microcontrollers and programmable logic controllers is developed.
Marathon[R] SLA labelers combine Marathon SL technology with a complete Allen-Bradley drive-train and controls platform consisting of servo drives, servo motors, programmable logic controller and human machine interface as well as reconfigured electrical control cabinets.
To accompany the program, the college purchased an educational tooling package that includes an industrial robot, integrated vision system, programmable logic controller and robot training cart ROBOGUIDE simulation software.
is a plug-in programmable logic controller. Packaged in a standard relay-style housing with an 11-pin plug-in base, the Solves-It!
The ESW-48 programmable logic controller and touch-screen operator interface allows fast, simple and precise set up and also provides machine diagnostics.
"PLC on a Chip" is a programmable logic controller (PLC) on a single microprocessor chip.
The PACs converge attributes of the programmable logic controller (PLC), the PC, and open-control platforms, says the supplier.
Combined with existing capability of the EBS to provide continuously variable current to a UV lamp based on commands from a computer or programmable logic controller, the new power supply allows manufacturers to integrate the production process with the lamp controls to ensure quality, maximize production and reduce costs.
The standard programmable logic controller (PLC) can store and recall dimensional data and processing routines.
A programmable logic controller (PLC) automatically scans and records the reclaimer's operations and a graphics panel displays the state of the machine in real time.
For electricians and industrial technicians with no previous programmable logic controller (PLC) experience, this practical guide to industrial logic controllers provides practical information on the basic principles of PLCs, and maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.

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