progressive scan

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progressive scan

Illuminating a screen by displaying lines sequentially from top to bottom. Also called "non-interlaced," all modern monitors and TVs support progressive scan. For example, the "p" in 1080p means that for each video frame 1,080 lines are displayed one after the other. The highest progressive format in common use is 2160p, which is 4K (see 4K TV).

The only reason progressive ever became a feature is because earlier analog TVs only illuminated half the lines at a time (see below). See interlace, frame rate, progressive scan DVD, progressive scan TV, HDTV, deinterlace and DTV.

Progressive vs. Interlaced
Progressive formats (720p, 1080p, 2160p) display 60 full frames per second. In that same second, earlier analog TVs transmitted and displayed 60 half frames (60 fields). For more details, see interlace.
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Toshiba's IK-HD5 is a progressive-scan, full HD 1080p/1 080i, 2.1 megapixel, three-CMOS camera for color-critical applications.
Compatible with Toshiba Imaging's recently introduced IK-HD3D controller, the progressive-scan video camera is economical and offers unprecedented user-controlled features.
Designed in a 35-mm optical format and supporting frame rates of up to four images per second, the device offers progressive-scan readout, broad dynamic range and smear rejection.
An advanced progressive-scan camera system captures images and videos in exceptional clarity, a free-angle camera arm and lamp design allows flexible positioning, and the compact design is lightweight and portable.
Supporting progressive-scan video at up to 50 frames/second and true 12-bit digitalization, both color and monochrome versions of the SI-1.3M50-EM provide high-performance imaging solutions for day/night surveillance, homeland and border security, biochip readers, video microscopy, airborne imaging and other demanding, light-starved imaging applications.
The camera comes equipped with a high-sensitivity progressive-scan CCD that helps deliver crisp images of even rapidly moving objects.
The PoE-capable camera comes equipped with a high-sensitivity progressive-scan 310,000-effective pixel CCD that delivers well-defined images of moving objects, as well as powerful low-light performance and a 2.4x optical zoom lens with 4x digital zoom.
Responding to customer demand for high-resolution progressive-scan CCD cameras operating at video frame rates of 30 Hz or more, the company has developed the 2-M P G E1650, which provides 12-bit image data running 30 fps at 1600 x 1200 resolution.
You can eliminate borders, play at 50Hz or 60Hz, and in progressive-scan mode.
Because audio is the emphasis of this review, I will refrain from commenting on the unit's facility with video, beyond noting that the progressive-scan mode did work on my EDTV when I used the component video connections.
The CyberHome CH-DVD 300s progressive-scan DVD Player (silver) came top of the consumer electronics list, followed by the Apple 2GB iPod Nano (black) and the Apple 512MB iPod Shuffle (M9724LL/A).
Best Buy has also expanded its year-old Insignia consumer electronics line to include a widescreen, HD-ready flat-panel LCD TV; progressive-scan DVD player/four-head Hi-Fi VCR; DVD player/VCR combination unit; and 600-watt, six-channel audio/video home-theater receiver...

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