Project Fi

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Project Fi

A global wireless system for Android mobile devices from Google that supports Wi-Fi calling. Users seamlessly switch phone and data service between Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular. Introduced in 2015 and initially offered via invite-only, the Nexus 5x, 6 and 6p were the first phones to support Fi, which can be purchased directly from Google. Fi piggybacks over the Sprint and T-Mobile cellular networks along with more than a million free Wi-Fi hotspots that are automatically used.

A Cloud-Based Phone Number
Subscribers are given a phone number that can also be used to make phone calls and send text messages from their tablets and computers via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Fi Basics - USD $20 per Month
With no annual contract, the Basic plan provides unlimited domestic talk, low international rates in 120 countries and unlimited international texting. Each gigabyte of encrypted data is an additional $10/month, and unused bytes are credited to next month's bill. Family sharing plans were not initially offered. See Google Fiber.
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Be it Google's Project Fi or the Boingo and Sprint partnership the critical factor is improved quality.
The service, called "Project Fi," debuted Wednesday, about two months after Google revealed its plans to expand its ever-growing empire into providing wireless connections for smartphones.
On Wednesday, Google unveiled its long-awaited phone service, called Project Fi, putting the search giant in competition with Verizon, AT&T and other wireless service providers.
The fledgling mobile communications network, called Project Fi,
This also means that users will be able to get the phone from Google's Project Fi.
Moto X4, the Android One smartphone with support for Google's Project Fi has been delayed due to production issues.
There's only been one problem with Project Fi's well-received phone carrier network: too few phones.
The service called Project Fi is only available by invitation for now, and only for the Google Nexus 6 smartphone.
The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are ( also available through Google and it's Project Fi network, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Best Buy.
Buyers can also obtain their Pixel or Pixel XL handsets with a free SIM card that will work with Google's Project Fi mobile phone services.
India, March 9 -- Google Project Fi mobile network is now available to all subscribers in the US.

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