Project for Public Spaces

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Project for Public Spaces

Address:700 Broadway, 4th Fl
New York, NY 10003

Established: 1975. Description:Seeks to improve the use, design, and management of public places (plazas, parks, libraries, public markets, transportation facilities, etc.) for betterment of communities. Conducts on-site observational analysis to evaluate the needs, perceptions, and preferences of users. Offers workshops and training seminars to designers, government agencies, and other institutions. Members: Nonmembership organization.
Publications: Publishes wide variety of publications on design and management of public places.

See other parks in New York.
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Our goal in working with the 2017 Southwest Airlines Heart of the Community grant recipients is to help them create great public spaces where every one in the community feels welcome," said Fred Kent, Founder and President of Project for Public Spaces.
Las investigaciones que estudian la correlacion entre vitalidad y seguridad (The Project for Public Spaces, 2000; Ghel & Svarre, 2013), sugerian establecer el patron de comportamiento a lo que Carnap (1966) denominaba regularidad casual' para controlar comportamientos atipicos que pudieran impactar los resultados.
The Manhattan-based charity Project for Public Spaces has helped over 1,000 communities -- in the US and world wide -- create public spaces that are full of vitality and well used.
City officials have moved with encouraging speed on the type of "lighter, quicker, cheaper" efforts to improve downtown that the non-profit Project for Public Spaces had recommended in its report.
and Project for Public Spaces announced today the opening of the 2017 Southwest Airlines' Heart of the Community grant application as part of the airline's commitment to building connections that bring people together and strengthen communities for a more resilient future.
Project for Public Spaces has some of the right advice for cities: "Stop planning for speed.
In addition to working with Transportation Alternatives, the Columbus Avenue BID has retained Project for Public Spaces (PPS) for a study on place-making initiatives.
The city has contracted with the New York City-based Project for Public Spaces to gather public comment and make recommendations that would go to the City Council prior to it authorizing spending any money for specific improvements.
Contract awarded for Acquisition Project For Public Spaces Enabling Children Hospital Base Osorno.
A prime supporter is the New York-based Project for Public Spaces With funds from the Ford and Kellogg Foundations, PPS is funding market start-ups and expansions nationwide, especially in low-income areas.

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