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see Philomela and ProcnePhilomela and Procne
, in Greek mythology, daughters of King Pandion of Attica. Procne married Tereus, king of Thrace, and bore him a son, Itys (or Itylus). Tereus later seduced Philomela and cut out her tongue to silence her.
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In the well-known myth she was involved in the murder of Itys, her nephew, by her sister Prokne.(21) In the Sat.
On the wings of Aristophanes' imagination, humans and gods acquire wings, birds speak like humans, and hybrid beings like Tereus and Prokne, already magically transformed from people to birds by mythology, confirm that the boundaries of reality have been blurred.
On the night of September 5-6 observers in a path across the United States from Washington to Georgia may see a 9.5- magnitude star in Taurus hidden for up to 14 seconds by the faint asteroid 194 Prokne. This occultation is due around 8:30 Universal Time on September 6th.