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AN 5161686 PROMT 940720 SO Off Licence News, June 9, 1994, p.
HAMBURG -- PROMT German<->English Text Translator is the first program of its kind to run directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch, ready for use anywhere at any time.
NewsRoom records have a full citation and are indexed by Language, Word Count, Record Type (full text or abstract), Event (these are similar to PROMT event codes and refer to the "nature" of the article-- e.
News and business analysis are provided by Reuters Textline, Knight-Ridder/Tribune Financial News, Business Dateline, ABI/INFORM, and PROMT.
Fujitsu, Transtar, and ProMT scored the highest in four key areas," said e-lingo's senior linguist Giovanni Cerrone.
The Advertising News section taps Business & Industry, the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times 90 days, Periodical Abstracts PlusText, and Gale Group's PROMT, Trade & Industry, and Business A.
Three of the text databases are not included in the base package, and are priced as separate modules: PROMT ($1,210), Newsletters ASAP ($1,425), and Investext Plus ($3,175).
The Business Intelligence module, for example, includes ABI/INFORM, American Business Directory, Business & Industry Database, Business Dateline, Dun's Market Identifiers, INVESTEXT, Gale Group PROMT, Kompass, Gale Group Trade & Industry Database, TFSD Worldwide Mergers & Acquisitions, Thomas Register, TRADEMARKSCAN, and World Reporter.
The Gale Group databases, such as General BusinessFile, Trade and Industry Index, and PROMT, use the subject descriptor Executives, Salaries, Benefits, etc.
com, and is dwarfed by the size of proprietary news databases like NEXIS, the Dow Jones Publications Library, PROMT, Trade & Industry Database, ABI/ INFORM, and Business & Industry Database, among others.
PROMT, a well-known business database, stays on the system, as does DELPHES.
A search in PROMT, for example, lags days or even weeks behind the results done on another PROMT host.