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an urban-type settlement and administrative center of Pronsk Raion, Riazan’ Oblast, RSFSR. It is situated on the Pronia River, a tributary of the Oka, 25 km from the Khrushchevo railroad station and 69 km south of Riazan’. The settlement has a factory producing electrical-engineering components and a milk plant.

Pronsk is first mentioned in a chronicle under the year 1186. The center of an appanage principality, it was ravaged by the Mongol Tatars in 1237. In the 1460’s and 1470’s it was part of the Riazan’ principality, and in the first quarter of the 16th century both were absorbed by the Russian centralized state. In 1541, Pronsk survived a siege by troops of the Crimean Khanate. In 1708 it became part of the province of Moscow. Beginning in 1778 it was a district center of the Riazan’ namestnichestvo (vicegerency). In 1796 it became a district center of the province of Riazan’. Soviet power was established in Pronsk in December 1917.


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