Property line

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Property line

A boundary line between plots of land, such as farms or lots; the location of a property line is recorded in the legal description of the piece of land.
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property line

A recorded boundary of a plot.
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Many property line adjustments are the result of "thoughtful, minor, day-to-day adjustments" that make life easier for neighbors, Howe said.
The main claim to their case was seven old pipes, some that required the use of a metal detector to locate, that he would later testify he put in himself of where he thought the property line should be.
A new double-sweep tee and cleanout will be installed on each end of each lateral, one at the property line and one just outside the home.
performed well, and saw steadily increasing stock prices, as they offset low casualty premiums with deft work in property lines.
"By utilizing four architectural |step-backs' to conform with the severely tapering property lines, and then raising the entire structure on columns to permit required on-site parking underneath, we created a building shape that both accommodates and blends naturally into the site."
In the first quarter of 2005, prices in general liability and commercial property lines appear to be fulfilling those forecasts.
Based on responses from 100 risk managers, representing a 38% response rate, the survey projects an overall drop of 4% for 2005, with average drops of 6% in property lines and 2% in casualty lines.

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