Property line

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Property line

A boundary line between plots of land, such as farms or lots; the location of a property line is recorded in the legal description of the piece of land.
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property line

A recorded boundary of a plot.
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Geometric lines also work in concert with narrow property lines. "Usually a formal or contemporary design fits best because a more strict geometry works in tight spaces," Broussard says.
One is located at the property line and the other at the house.
Because the garage is close to the property line, the architect designed a low roof on the neighbor's side in order to minimize the visual impact.
We spent the next six years building our homestead, and over that time through talking with the neighbors and our own measuring, got a pretty good idea of the property lines.
Applicants currently must take four steps before getting approval for a property line adjustment.
5 Times Square is a 38 story tower extending to each property line, with two full basement levels.
Many property line adjustments are the result of "thoughtful, minor, day-to-day adjustments" that make life easier for neighbors, Howe said.
This project will reconstruct the existing site and expand the park to its proper property line along the southern portion as a passive park with planting and paths.
Because construction was performed on a tight site, three perimeter walls were built near the property line. The CINJ patient entry was within 100 feet of the new building entry, complicating material delivery and contractor staging sequences.
Witnesses told detectives that the two men were engaged in an ongoing argument about the property line dividing their land, the sheriff's office said.
Implement effective security measures at the property line:

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