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see Marmara, Sea ofMarmara, Sea of,
or Sea of Marmora,
c.4,430 sq mi (11,474 sq km), NW Turkey, between Europe in the north and Asia in the south. The Sea of Marmara, c.175 mi (280 km) long and 50 mi (80 km) wide, is connected on the east with the Black Sea through the Bosporus and on
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Despite conjectures, (10) permanent bases of a praetorian fleet (Misene or Ravennate) in the Propontis before the second half of the 1st century cannot be confirmed and a base of neither within the Black Sea rim at any time is on record.
For the Propontis, the mysterious classis Perinthia, a provincial fleet, probably antedates the presence of praetorian contingents.
On Jul 2 Propontis began to fade; there was a small new dust cloud S.
On Aug 31 Propontis was again vaguely visible, but Elysium and environs remained obscure.
Heating needs of schools Secondary School Committee of the City of New Propontis,
Heating needs of schools Secondary School Committee of the Municipal Unit of Nea Triglia Propontis,
Heating needs and drive the vehicle of the Municipal Unit of Nea Triglia Propontis.
This complements the three 2006-built LR Aframax product tankers, the Proteas, the Promitheas and the Propontis that Neste took on time-charter as part of its strategic alliance with TEN last month.
This collaboration includes two-year charters for the three recently acquired 2006-built 116,000dwt LR Aframax 1A ice-class product tankers Proteas, Promitheas and Propontis, the largest vessels in their class.
M/T Propontis S-1652 116,000 October 2006 1A Ice Class 5.
Propontis 116,000 October 2006 Hyundai Heavy Industries 1A MR Handymax 1.