Proscenium Arch

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Proscenium Arch


the architectural frame that forms a portal opening to the stage and separates it from the audience. In the modern theater the proscenium arch is usually rectangular. Temporary (and often movable) decorative proscenium arches are also used, both as a part of the stage set and as a means for reducing the size of the stage area.

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proscenium arch

An arch or any equivalent opening in the proscenium wall through which the stage is seen by the audience.
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As I have argued elsewhere, the proscenium arch strategically altered the perceptual relation between spectator and actor, it inflected the conventions of frontality in performance and altered the narrative structures of plays.
The anomalous proscenium arch was a later addition by then First Lady Imelda Marcos, who made the first attempt to resuscitate the Met in the late 1970s.
The proscenium arch disappeared during changes made in 1962, long before the Birmingham Mail lost a high-profile 'Save Our Odeon' campaign when the building was 'retro-converted' in 1988 and live music abandoned.
But I am tuned in to the latest crack in the proscenium arch that used to separate the sports audience from the athlete: the Tweet.
* The Music Hall, Portsmouth, for outstanding restoration of the auditorium and proscenium arch.
But when he flips himself upside down in "Step in Time" to tap-dance on the proscenium arch, well, what else is there to say?
Inside, the circle, balustrade, screen and proscenium arch of the Grade II listed building are as they were when the Forum - variously called the Theatre De Luxe and the Regent - closed its doors in 1983.
As is now their custom, the WNO will be supplying English and Welsh translations on small screens above the proscenium arch.
The Middle Eastern-style landmark temple -- complete with a proscenium arch and stained-glass windows -- now houses an expanded mix of "bridge" home merchandise in the better-bridge-designer equation; outsized housewares and formal tabletop departments; and new concepts, such as a garden shop.
Another main element of the Silva upgrade is a rebuilding of the proscenium arch - a metal screen fascia that frames the stage's top and sides - to complement the new orchestra shell in projecting sound into the auditorium.