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, Ger. Prossnitz, city (1991 pop. 50,074), SE Czech Republic, in Moravia. A railway junction and trade center of the fertile Haná agricultural region, Prostĕjov has breweries, distilleries, and industries manufacturing farm machinery, paper, and
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, Czech Republic.
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As a family of G proteins, estrogen-associated G protein-coupled receptor 30 (GPR30) was detected in many human tissues, including ovary and prostate (Prossnitz et al., 2008).
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A growing body of evidence suggests that these effects cannot be explained solely by the classical model of steroid hormone action and that 17[beta]-estradiol can also mediate rapid signaling events via pathways that involve transmembrane ERs, such as G-protein-coupled estrogen receptor termed GPER (Prossnitz et al.
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Elizabeth Prossnitz, the program's developer, says that a course takes the average person 37 hours to complete and replaces an outdated paper-based course.
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