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We investigated field cases of fulminating disease among 5 flocks of guinea fowl in France during 2010 and 2011; in all cases, the birds' clinical signs were limited to severe prostration, a dramatic decrease in water and feed consumption, and a daily death rate of up to 20%.
The Islamic prostration to offer thanks to God became visible during the football matches played by Saudi Arabia during the World Cup in 1994 when players came together after scoring a goal and kneeled to offer thanks to God in a gesture emulating the prayer rituals performed in mosques.
Through the Government of Pakistan, the American people donated generators and air conditioned tents to provide comfort for those suffering from disease or heat prostration.
Pedestrians collapsed of heat prostration on downtown streets, and when the heat wave ended, the death toll attributed to it stood near 100.
Physical prostration at Jesus' feet, lying in a supine position before him, has its analogues in a spiritual prostration at which women seem especially adept.
As they drive away, the robed, bald pated do-gooder passes out; subsequent tests reveal a heart murmur and a case of heat prostration, to be treated by two weeks of rest in the shade.
Norris argues powerfully in the course of this book against the sterile binarism of postmodern accounts of ethical self hood, which offer an umpromising choice between the absolute dominion of the self and its absolute prostration before the unknowable other.
Everywhere there is rubble, poverty, unemployment, the sense of a mortal prostration.
As excessive venery is a fruitful source of physical prostration and nervous exhaustion, sometimes producing paralysis," he explained afterward, "I was disposed to look upon this case in the same light, and recommended circumcision as a means of relieving the irritated and imprisoned penis.
Conservatism is once more showing its resourcefulness in contrast to the etiolated prostration of the liberals, who can talk only about the deficit and higher taxes.
Although firm figures are hard to come by, it has been estimated that in July 1911, at least 500 Worcester County residents died of heat prostration and sunstroke.
The protectors of the group have begun waging a relentless campaign against anyone who dares criticize the practices of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, trying to make the system invincible and according the party a sanctity it does not deserve just because it labels itself Islamic with its members printing a dark spot on their foreheads that symbolizes lengthy prostration.