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Suit, Protective


a hermetically sealed suit that makes it possible for persons to pursue normal activities and work efficiently under abnormal conditions. The suit usually consists of an envelope suit, a helmet, gloves, and shoes. The breathing mixture may be fed into the suit from an outside source, such as a gas cylinder, or it may be processed by regeneration. With regeneration, the exhaled gas is purified in a special cartridge where carbon dioxide and moisture are removed, and the gas is enriched with oxygen and then fed into the suit. Protective suits include diving suits (seeDIVING) and space suits.

Space suits are classified as emergency rescue suits, suits for walking in free space, and suits for use on the surface of the moon and planets. Emergency rescue suits are used by cosmonauts during any failure of the hermetic seals in the cabin of a spacecraft. They are also used if the parameters of the atmosphere in the cabin deviate from the specified values. Suits for walking in free space protect cosmonauts from micrometeorite particles, prevent overheating on the sunlit side of the suit and overcooling in the shade, and protect the eyes from solar radiation. The suit may be connected to the spacecraft with a flexible hose, through which the breathing mixture is supplied, or it may be equipped with a self-contained life-support system.

Space suits for use on the surface of the moon and planets are so constructed that the cosmonaut can walk or rise after a fall unassisted. They may be soft or rigid. The heavy-duty envelope of a soft space suit is made of fabric. In the absence of pressure inside the suit, the envelope clings to the body without interfering with movement. Rigid space suits have a hard metal or plastic shell conforming approximately to the shape of the body and hinges at the body joints.

The soft space suit used by the USA for lunar exploration consists of an outer layer, thermal insulation with a combination shield and vacuum layer, a protective layer against meteors, protective, heavy-duty, and hermetically sealed envelopes, a ventilating system, a helmet, a cooling system, and shoes. The outer layer protects the suit from mechanical damage and reflects the sun’s radiant energy. It is made of a white, heat-resistant fabric, such as fiber glass. The thermal insulation is beneath the outer layer and consists of several layers of thin film with an aluminized surface; the layers are separated by a fiberglass mesh. Protection from micrometeorite particles is provided by the suit as a whole and by a special suit made of felt or a rubberized synthetic fabric. The hermetically sealed envelope is made of rubber or a rubberized fabric. The cooling system includes a suit with a water-cooling or evaporation system. The helmet is fitted with light filters.

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I entreat you, speaking with the ignorance of a welder, to explain to me how to put on a protective suit, since unfortunately my wife did not get a master's degree in such matters.
But one important caution with the vest systems: You can't wear them under CBRN protective suits such as JSLIST unless the suit is specifically designed with a microclimate pass-through.
In cases where instructors have scenarios set up where officers must subdue a role-player wearing some type of protective suit, they can have a second role-player nearby wearing regular street clothes and a concealed weapon.
I have spent too many hours traveling in a hot [armored vehicle] in a biochemical protective suit and boots, helmet, and flack jacket.
The Arctic Palletizer is a robot that doesn't need any protective suit or wrappings, yet can work at temperatures well below zero (as low as -30[degrees]C) with its hand-held control panel remaining fully functional.
If a soldier needs a new protective suit to guard against biological or chemical attack, it should be no problem.
The scars from both these interactions loom large in Hurtubise's complex consciousness and manifest themselves in a remarkable seven-year, $150,000 project to design and build an impossible dream, the Ursus Mark VI, a protective suit inspired by the film Robocop, which will enable him to revisit that primal formative moment.
Before each visit into a highrisk area Samuel would put on a protective suit which would then be checked and re-checked by a member of staff to make sure he was completely protected.
HEAT IS ON Chris enjoys the view in his protective suit
Sue was commissioned by NASA to design a woolly protective suit for NASA's mascot Camilla the chicken in 2013 and now spends her time hosting talks and demonstrations across the Midlands.
We can afford billions of pounds to reduce Iraq to a car park, yet the NHS cannot find the money to finance the boy's need for his protective suit.

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