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A condition in hermaphroditic or dioecious organisms in which the female reproductive structures mature before the male structures.



a state in which the stigmata of the pistils ripen earlier than the pollen of a plant. Protogyny is an adaptation to cross-pollination (seeDICHOGAMY and ).

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The distribution of monoecy, protogyny, and self-incompatibility in grasses, when compared with the phylogenetic structures resolved here, are suggestive of the possibility that self-incompatibility evolved only once or twice in the grasses.
It is not surprising, then, that dichogamy involving some kind of protogyny (e.
There are no reports on the sexual maturation of Neosilba species, but as evidenced in this study, it is probable that the females of Neosilba reached sexual maturity earlier than the conspecific males, a case of protogyny.
However, protogyny does not automatically imply elevated vulnerability to fishing if the population is able to compensate for reduced male survival (e.
Protogyny in autumn migration: do male birds "play chicken"?
The sex allocation pattern of various populations of spotted sand bass are thought to vary from functional gonochorism to strict protogyny.
Sex change of primary males in a diandric labrid Halichoeres trimaculatus: coexistence of protandry and protogyny within a species.