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(cell and molecular biology)
The living portion of a cell considered as a unit; includes the cytoplasm, the nucleus, and the plasma membrane.
Plant, fungal, or bacterial cell that has had its cell wall removed.



the contents of a plant cell. The protoplast consists of the cell membrane, cytoplasm, and nucleus but lacks the cell wall.

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The effectiveness of the enzymatic solutions for protoplast isolation was monitored every 5 hours, and the number of protoplasts released was evaluated.
Bacillus megaterium protoplasts, ready for transformation (strain WH320)
Similar processes of chromosome elimination occur either in a spontaneous or in an induced manner during protoplast fusion (Liu et al.
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Domir plans to fuse protoplasts from the Pioneer elm and themore susceptible American elm, in a procedure that would combine the genes of two species that would not breed by normal means.
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4-milliliter mixture of plasmid molecules and about a million of the enzyme-treated carrot cells, called protoplasts.
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2]-activated MAPK identified as AtMPK6 and its activity was estimated in Arabidopsis leaves and protoplasts (Desikan et al.
When Griesbach, working with petunias, injects a chromosome into the remaining protoplast, about 25 percent of the protoplasts are capable of regenerating into full plants.
Effects of different hormone treatments on non-embryogenic and embryogenic callus induction and time-term enzyme treatments on number and viability of isolated protoplasts in saffron (Crocus sativus L.
experiments with maize and wheat root tip protoplasts have revealed an