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island, Colombia: see San Andrés and ProvidenciaSan Andrés and Providencia,
district (1990 est. pop. 39,949), 21 sq mi (54 sq km), Colombia, comprising two small islands and seven groups of coral reefs and cays in the Caribbean 125–200 mi (201–325 km) E of the Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua.
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O equipamento de processar borracha de Farrel, o mais produtivo, acertado, e efeciente na industria, temo proyer em oferecer duas novas tecnicas de mistura, su a tecnologia antiqua tangencial e o metodo Shaw-Intermix de usar rotores intrelacados com sua linha mark 5 Series que providencia uma diversidade de opcoes.
Enrique Browne acquired a large house in Providencia, a suburb to the north-east of the centre, and has converted it into an office for his practice.
Companhia Providencia, a newcomer to the top ten, is benefiting from new spunmelt capacity targeted at hygiene markets throughout the Americas.
PRESIDENT Nicos Anastasiades said on Friday he will not be taking the stand as a witness on Monday in former Deputy Attorney-General Rikkos Erotokritous' trial on the Providencia case.
South America benefited from Providencia, improved hygiene markets and a manufacturing line upgrade.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 28, 2014-Polymer Group to take control of Brazil's Providencia
SARA LLONA RODRIGUEZ Terapeuta familiar > Providencia 201, of * A * 2204 0949-09 837 8188.
Resulta reconfortante comprobar como un tema filosofico y teologico como es el de la Providencia (o en su version secularizada, el destino) sigue despertando el interes en una sociedad aparentemente tan alejada de estos intereses especulativos.
But during the award ceremony at Casa de la Providencia in Burbank, an apartment complex for the disabled developed with the bond money, state Sen.
The El Penon district will receive the highest priority in Meridian's 2005 exploration program as the Company expands its four early-stage discoveries made in 2004 of Dorada, Fortuna, Sorpresa and Providencia.
The files on the Providencia case, along with the instructions of then-deputy attorney-general Rikkos Erotocritou to prosecute it, were handed over to the office of Attorney-general Costas Clerides, a witness in the ongoing criminal trial testified on Tuesday.
3%, respectively, as incremental sales from both Fiberweb and Providencia complemented the company's existing portfolio.

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