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resort town (1990 pop. 3,374), Barnstable co., SE Mass., on the tip of Cape Cod, with a harbor on Cape Cod Bay; inc. 1727. The principal industries are tourism and fishing. The PilgrimsPilgrims,
in American history, the group of separatists and other individuals who were the founders of Plymouth Colony. The name Pilgrim Fathers is given to those members who made the first crossing on the Mayflower.
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 landed there in 1620 and stayed about a month. Permanent settlement was not made until c.1700. Fishing was the staple industry, but whaling, salt making, rum-running, and smuggling were practiced. In the 20th cent. it gained fame as a resort favored by artists and later became a popular gay vacation spot. Points of interest include the Pilgrim Monument and Museum (1910); the Cape Cod National Seashore's visitor center; the Provincetown Playhouse; and the Expedition Whydah, a museum preserving the remains of a pirate ship.
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a village in SE Massachusetts, at the tip of Cape Cod: scene of the first landing place of the Pilgrims (1620) and of the signing of the Mayflower Compact (1620). Pop.: 3472 (2003 est.)
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I arrived in Provincetown around the same rime as Barney, the Cape Cod bear.
"The Provincetown school committee's decision to force this radical and absurd policy demonstrates the lengths to which some will go to emasculate parents' rights and undermine the notion of encouraging children to delay sexual activity," it stated.
Barlow (English, women's studies, the University of Albany-State University of New York) presents 13 plays written by women and performed by the Provincetown Players in Cape Cod and New York City between 1915 and 1922, at the height of the 'Little Theater Movement.' The plays range from tragedies to satires, and provide a look at women's concerns during the era leading up to women's suffrage.
I especially love traveling backward, it seems, in time along the rustic, historic spine of Cape Cod to the very place the Pilgrims first set foot in the New World in 1620--our very own Provincetown!
"It's time that PAAM creates a space worthy of the important works that make their home in Provincetown. PAAM is ready to round out its collection with missing works and compete for national exhibits; this renovation helps put PAAM in its rightful space on the art world's map."
Those are the roles the pair of Pulitzer Prize-winning authors-turned-performers played, and $20,000 is the amount they netted, in a one-night fundraiser reading of the "Don Juan in Hell" segment of Shaw's "Man and Superman" in Provincetown, Mass., on Oct.
PROVINCETOWN, MASS.--At Cape Cod National Seashore, the Park Service has agreed to allow neighboring Provincetown to extract water from a well within the seashore's boundary during peak visitation.
Co-founder of the Provincetown Players, best-selling novelist, and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Susan Glaspell was nearly forgotten after her death in Early recovery work, begun in 1966 when Arthur Waterman published his Twayne series book, Susan Glaspell, was strengthened by Gerhard Bach's Susan Glaspell und die Provincetown Players: Die Aufange des modernen amerikanischen Dramas un Theatre (1979), and my own Susan Glaspell Voice from the Heartland (1983).
One of the largest recipients of funds is the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, the only state organization licensed to rescue whales from entanglements.
Maybe I want to stop, to stop this, what has been going on all these years, what sideways sea or life am I trying to steer clear of knowing how deeply it touched me, how deeply it held me, how deeply someone took me from this - I take a card, an overhead view of Provincetown, showing/emphasizing the dunes at Provincetown, I take this card from hundreds of cards yesterday and keep it out, old postcard from M.
Among its more notable projects are the conversions of 45 Wall Street and 110/120 Church Street, The Aurora at 475 West 57th Street, and NYU's Provincetown Playhouse.
American dramatist and novelist who, with her husband, Cook, George Cram, founded the influential Provincetown Players in 1915.

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