Proving Ground

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Proving Ground


a sector of land or sea designed for the testing of various types of weapons, means of combat, and combat materiel, as well as for the combat training of troops.

There are permanent and temporary proving grounds. According to function, proving grounds are classified as (1) research proving grounds; (2) testing grounds, which are used to test missiles, torpedoes, artillery, tanks, aviation, mines, antiaircraft weapons, and engineer means; (3) plant proving grounds, which are used to test for quality control of manufactured weapons and adjustment of fire and zeroing; and (4) training grounds, which are used for field and practice firing, bombing and torpedo firing, as well as for various troop exercises.

Troops and educational institutions also use various simulation and miniature ranges. Depending on the type, proving grounds may have observation posts, targets, dugouts, covered positions, communication and transportation means, and control and measurement devices.

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The proving ground covers more than 55,000 acres across Jefferson, Jennings and Ripley counties in Southeastern Indiana.
Dreamachine Productions is proud to announce that their feature film "Proving Ground" is in active development heading even further towards pre-production.
BMW Group (Xetra: BMW), a Germany-based automaker, has constructed its new proving ground in Prague, the Czech Republic's capital.
"The NardE proving ground with its high-speed and vehicle handling circuit ideally complements our facilities in Weissach.
Throughout the summer, members of the Army Ordnance Center and Schools command and staff moved from Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, into their new headquarters at the Sustainment Center of Excellence (SCoE) at Fort Lee, Virginia.
Plato, who will turn 40 at the weekend, was testing a Caparo T1 super car at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leistershire when the car burst into flames at 250km/h.
Construction is underway at Aberdeen Proving Ground on the Sample Receipt Facility (SRF).
"The Mine Proving Ground will play a very important role for Mazda in promoting the 'reinforcement of R&D,' one of the Mazda Momentum mid-term business plan's four key measures.
NDIA's Aberdeen Proving Ground Chapter is providing financial assistance to science and engineering students.
Security concerns generated by the Global War on Terrorism have led the Army to accelerate its plans for destroying its stocks of lethal mustard agent at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, by as much as 3 years.
The Army Aberdeen Proving Ground is seeking small business sources to provide Information Technology Support Services.
The goal of the RoboCupRescue competition, and others using the NIST arena design, is to provide a proving ground for fieldable robots such as those used at the World Trade Center collapse.