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Proving Ground


a sector of land or sea designed for the testing of various types of weapons, means of combat, and combat materiel, as well as for the combat training of troops.

There are permanent and temporary proving grounds. According to function, proving grounds are classified as (1) research proving grounds; (2) testing grounds, which are used to test missiles, torpedoes, artillery, tanks, aviation, mines, antiaircraft weapons, and engineer means; (3) plant proving grounds, which are used to test for quality control of manufactured weapons and adjustment of fire and zeroing; and (4) training grounds, which are used for field and practice firing, bombing and torpedo firing, as well as for various troop exercises.

Troops and educational institutions also use various simulation and miniature ranges. Depending on the type, proving grounds may have observation posts, targets, dugouts, covered positions, communication and transportation means, and control and measurement devices.

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Besides the proving grounds, the Cupertino company has also been hiring automotive test engineers and technicians from other proving grounds in the state, a source told Jalopnik.
The difference between AstaZero and other proving ground facilities worldwide is intended to be the degree to which actual road conditions, in terms of traffic and infrastructure, can be replicated.
Wale said the new track, which is smaller than GM's more than 4,000-acre proving ground in Milford, Michigan, outside of Detroit, will allow the automaker to run 67 different driving tests.
CALIFORNIA CITY - Korean auto executives Wednesday marked the opening of a $60 million proving ground that is providing 50 jobs and giving the Antelope Valley a high-profile foreign investment.
DMB's Mesa Proving Grounds is planned to serve as a major regional employment core," said Eneas Kane, DMB's President and CEO.
Dugway Proving Ground, Utahdugway, Utah 84022 United States
Daimler Trucks North America, a subsidiary of Daimler AG (NYSE: DAI), has opened its High Desert Proving Grounds.
expects to complete its new $50 million vehicle proving ground this year.
A Big Wind Wind tunnel #5 at the Dearborn Proving Grounds where pressure sensitive paint testing is done has a test section that measures 28 x 14 x 30 ft.
The infusion of private capital and, more importantly, capital from outside the state will allow Mesa Proving Grounds to evolve into an important hub for economic development in the Southeast Valley, and in the process will help secure the City of Mesa's economic security," said Drew Brown, CEO of DMB Associates.
The Motorola LEX L10 also connects the ground operators and test drivers to the private LTE network at Boschs proving grounds using high-performance broadband technology.
Auto Business News-December 10, 2015--Honda to invest USD25m at proving grounds in Mojave Desert