Provisional People's Committee of North Korea

Provisional People’s Committee of North Korea


the central organ of people’s power in North Korea, established in Pyongyang in February 1946 at a congress of representatives of provincial, district, and urban people’s committees, political parties, and social organizations of North Korea. On Mar. 5, 1946, the committee approved land reform laws. On Aug. 10, 1946, it adopted laws nationalizing industries, means of transportation and communication, and banks, which had been owned by the Japanese government, by Japanese individuals and companies, and by traitors to the Korean people. The committee also adopted labor laws for industrial, office, and professional workers’ on June 24, 1946, and equal rights laws for women on July 30, 1946, as well as laws for other democratic reforms. The committee continued its activity until February 1947 when the People’s Assembly of North Korea convened and elected a supreme executive organ of people’s power—the People’s Committee of North Korea.


Konstitutsiia i osnovnye zakonodatel’nye akty KNDR. Moscow, 1952. (Translated from Korean.)
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