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CLOSE TO THE SUN Proxima Centauri is its nearest star
The path that Proxima Centauri will follow across the sky is shown in green, below.
Previous attempts to detect planets around Proxima Centauri have not been successful.
The greater the offset, the greater the mass of Proxima Centauri.
HOT Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf and is nearest star to the Sun
The diminutive body, Proxima Centauri, lies just 4.
49) Proxima Centauri is the nearest star to our Sun, and this uneven novel by Liverpool-born Stephen Baxter weaves its story around three rag-tag attempts to establish the first human presence on one of its planets.
It is part of a triple system consisting of a pair of Sun-like stars, Alpha Centauri A and B, and a more distant and faint red companion, Proxima Centauri.
It is actually a triple star-a system consisting of two stars similar to the Sun orbiting close to each other, designated Alpha Centauri A and B, and a more distant and faint red component known as Proxima Centauri.
It is actually a double star, and it has a companion, Proxima Centauri, which is much less bright but a little closer to Earth.
Some may lie nearer the sun than does Proxima Centauri, the closest known star.
Our home planet is about 8000 miles across - that's about 25,000 miles around, which would take us a couple us is Proxima Centauri and it takes its light 4.