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Near the body or the median line of the body.
(control systems)
Located close to the base or pedestal and away from the end effector of a robot.
Of a sedimentary deposit, composed of coarse clastics and formed near the source.



in anatomy, a term that indicates the location of an organ or a part of an organ that is closer to the center of the body or to the sagittal plane of the body’s surface. Proximal is opposed to distal. For example, in man the shoulder is the proximal section of the arm, while the hand is the distal section.

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In a partial proximal avulsion, the proximal nail fold is reflected, so it's a better option when the proximal nail matrix needs evaluation, she said.
Only recently better understanding of biology, reduction techniques and biomechanically improved implants like Gamma nail, Russell-Taylor nail and Proximal femoral nail allowed for these fractures to be addressed with consistent success.
Acute anterior MI caused by proximal occlusion of the left anterior descending (LAD) coronary artery is associated with unfavorable outcome.
The proximal part of the femur has morphological variability that is related to its functional and biomechanical properties.
The surgical treatment choices for unstable proximal femur fractures include angled plates, sliding hip screw-plate (HSP) systems, intramedullar (IM) nailing, external fixators and arthroplasty.
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Of the 137 children who underwent repair, 18 had proximal penile hypospadias, 75 penoscrotal, 24 scrotal and 20 perineal.
The addition of Proximal will help Samsung enhance its expertise in SSD-based software for server systems and to expand its overall SSD business, said Samsung Semiconductor Inc senior VP of memory R&D team Bob Brennan.
According to Samsung, this acquisition of Proximal Data will enable it to enhance its competence in SSD-based software for server systems.