Prudhoe Bay

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Prudhoe Bay,

inlet of the Beaufort Sea and Arctic Ocean, N Alaska, in the Alaska North Slope region, east of the Colville River delta. In 1968 one of the largest oil reserves in North America was discovered in Prudhoe Bay. The ensuing trans-Alaskan oil pipeline built there connects Prudhoe Bay to ValdezValdez
, city (1990 pop. 4,068), Valdez-Chitina-Whittier census div., S Alaska, at the head of Valdez Arm inside Prince William Sound; inc. 1901. It has tourist and fishing industries, as well as salmon spawning grounds.
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, Alaska. Despite the harsh climate, drilling activity and the oil industry have led to increasing development and settlement of the Prudhoe Bay area.
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The Prudhoe Bay methane deposits appear to be sufficiently easy to extract that their exploitation is commercially viable even with fracking taking place further south.
The airline has served Prudhoe Bay since 1981 and Barrow since 1992.
Prudhoe Bay, the largest oilfield in the US, was partially closed in August after corrosion was found in pipelines.
Leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee said in a letter sent on Tuesday to BP that a 2001 Compliance Order issued by Alaska state regulators undercut BP executives' claims that the firm could not have been aware of the problems arising from a buildup of sediment in the oil transit pipelines at Prudhoe Bay.
The company's shares have fallen 20% since April following problems at Prudhoe Bay, investigations into its trading operations by regulators in the United States, and high-profile rumours of an internal battle over the retirement date of chief executive Lord Browne.
This is an important milestone in returning all of Prudhoe Bay to production many months in advance of our complete replacement of 16 miles of oil transit lines," said David Peattie, BP Group Vice President for Existing Profit Centers.
But testing of pipelines on the western side of Prudhoe Bay prompted the British operator to keep that side open.
No sooner did BP announce that a corrosion problem was forcing a shutdown of its pipelines serving Alaska's Prudhoe Bay than prices again shot up, with oil temporarily gaining more than $2 a barrel, to nearly $77, and gasoline rising five cents a gallon in some cities.
A prolonged outage at Prudhoe Bay, the biggest oilfield in the US, would increase the strain on OPEC, especially lead producer Saudi Arabia which holds most of the group's spare capacity.
BP allowed equipment at the Prudhoe Bay field, which supplies about half the oil carried by the trans-Alaska oil pipeline, to fall into a dangerous state of disrepair.
ENERGY RESOURCE-10 August 2006-Total or Partial Shutdown of BP's Prudhoe Bay Oilfield Bad News for West Coast(C)2006 JeraOne - http://www.
Moreover, severe safety and technological issues have plagued the big oil companies that drill in nearby Prudhoe Bay and that would be responsible for breaking ground in ANWR should the Senate measure pass.