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see cherrycherry,
name for several species of trees or shrubs of the genus Prunus (a few are sometimes classed as Padus) of the family Rosaceae (rose family) and for their fruits.
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Bows of the Nlaka'pamux (formerly known as Thompson Indians), were wrapped entirely or in part with Prunus virginiana bark, [3] as were some made by the Montana Salish.
angustifolia e genotipo dependente, assim como observado em outras especies, como em Prunus virginiana, Ulmus pumila e o hibrido Populus x canescens x P.
surprises Suraif Pincherry Resentment; confusion; Prunus pensylvanica stubbornness; karma Ruis Chokecherry End of a cycle; regeneration Prunus virginiana Ailm Scots Pine Birth; foresight; purification Pinus sylvestris Onn Basswood Gentleness; knowledge Tilia americana Ura Common Juniper Spiritual healing Juniperus communis Eadha Quaking Aspen Problems; doubts; grief Populus tremuloides Idho Eastern White Cedar Changes in life directions; Thuja occidentalis transitions Koad Riparian Forest Wisdom through retrospect Oir Cranberry Obligations; completions Viburnum trilobum Uilleand Honeysuckle Caution Lonicera spp.
The chokecherry Prunus virginiana is a large shrub or small tree, usually found growing in small clusters.
Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red', also sold as 'Shubert') bears clusters of tiny white flowers, followed by tart, dark red fruit, and reddish purple autumn leaves.