Prussian blue

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Prussian blue,

substance that imparts color to other materials. In paint, the pigment is a powdered substance which, when mixed in the liquid vehicle, imparts color to a painted surface.
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 widely used for laundry bluing, in dyeing compounds, and in the manufacture of inks and paints. Several varieties are known, one of which consists of the chemical compound ferric ferrocyanide.
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Prussian blue

[′prəsh·ən ′blü]
(inorganic chemistry)
Fe4[Fe(CN)6]3 Ferric ferrocyanide, used as a blue pigment and in the removal of hydrogen sulfide from gases.
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prussian blue

1. A class of deep blue pigments of ferric-ferrocyanides; tends to fade in light tints; reactive with alkalies; ferrocyanide blue.
2. Any color produced with Prussian blue, e.g., Chinese blue.
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We have reported a photochemically tunable magnet on the basis of an FeCo Prussian blue analog.
To segment images stained by Prussian blue, we consider the following scheme (resumed in Fig.
To determine the polarization status of general macrophage populations in the tumors and their changes with injection of USPIO, immunofluorescence staining of the tumor cross sections was conducted for pan-macrophage (CD68), inflammatory (M1-like AIF1 (allograft inflammatory factor 1)), and wound-healing surface marker phenotypes (M2-like CD206 (mannose receptor)), besides Prussian blue iron histology as the primary observable (Figures 3(a)-3(e)).
The activity of the expressed recombinant LAAO was determined with Prussian blue agar assay [16] using L-Leu as substrate.
The first chemically synthesised colour, Prussian Blue, had been made.
Dreams in Prussian Blue is the Trivandrum- born UPite's second novel -- and the first to see the light of the day.
Washington, December 15 (ANI): In a new study, a team of scientists has shown that hydrogen cyanide, urea and other substances considered essential to the formation of the building blocks of life can be obtained from the salt Prussian blue.
The clincher came Tuesday after I'd written about a weird juxtaposition of culture I experienced over the weekend: watching a production of "The Diary of Anne Frank" followed by reading an article about Prussian Blue, a white-nationalist, teenage singing duo with a love for Hitler and a mother who suggests the Holocaust wasn't all that drastic.
The colors include real artists' color like Prussian Blue and Burnt Sienna.
Teenage pop duo Prussian Blue have angered people across America with songs of racial hatred and praise for Hitler and the Nazis.
She was typical of her class and period, began her amateur naturalist career drawing and watercolouring 200 exquisite shells for a publication by her father, and then turned to photography, inspired in particular by her Kentish neighbour Sir John Herschel, who invented the cynotype photographic process, which used Prussian blue in a process best known today from architect's blueprints.