Prussian blue

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Prussian blue,

substance that imparts color to other materials. In paint, the pigment is a powdered substance which, when mixed in the liquid vehicle, imparts color to a painted surface.
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 widely used for laundry bluing, in dyeing compounds, and in the manufacture of inks and paints. Several varieties are known, one of which consists of the chemical compound ferric ferrocyanide.

Prussian blue

[′prəsh·ən ′blü]
(inorganic chemistry)
Fe4[Fe(CN)6]3 Ferric ferrocyanide, used as a blue pigment and in the removal of hydrogen sulfide from gases.

prussian blue

1. A class of deep blue pigments of ferric-ferrocyanides; tends to fade in light tints; reactive with alkalies; ferrocyanide blue.
2. Any color produced with Prussian blue, e.g., Chinese blue.