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(both: pro͞ot), river, c.530 mi (850 km) long, rising in the Carpathian Mts., W Ukraine, and flowing generally SE to the Danube River at Reni. It forms the border between Romania and Moldova. The Prut is navigable to Leovo. By the Peace of the Pruth (1711) Peter I of Russia restored Azov to the Turks (see Russo-Turkish WarsRusso-Turkish Wars.
The great eastward expansion of Russia in the 16th and 17th cent., during the decline of the Ottoman Empire, nevertheless left the shores of the Black Sea in the hands of the Ottoman sultans and their vassals, the khans of Crimea.
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a river in the Ukrainian SSR; a left tributary of the Danube. Below Chernovtsy, the Prut is the official border between the USSR (chiefly the Moldavian SSR) and Rumania. It measures 989 km long and drains an area of 27,500 sq km.

The Prut originates in the Eastern Carpathians, on the northern slopes of the Chernogora range. It flows as far as Chernovtsy in a deeply cut valley, which widens below (to 10 km below the city of Leovo) and has a broad floodplain. The channel meanders and in places contains rapids. The Prut is fed by rain and snow. There is high water in spring; flash floods occur often in summer and fall. The flow increases in winter from thaws and rain. The mean flow rate is approximately 80 cu m per sec, with a maximum of more than 5,000 cu m per sec and a minimum of approximately 15–20 cu m per sec.

The Prut freezes in January and February for 45 to 50 days, and the ice breaks up during periods of thawing. The river becomes free of ice in the first half of March. The main tributaries are the Rakovets and Chugur on the left and the Cheremosh, Zhizhiia, and Bakhlui on the right. The river is navigable as far as Leovo. The cities of Iaremcha, Kolomyia, Sniatyn, Chernovtsy, Novoselitsa, Ungeny, and Leovo (USSR) are situated on the Prut.



a training ship of the Black Sea Fleet, built in 1879 and having a water displacement of 5,459 tons.

The crew of the Prut, numbering about 650, including 450 students of a machine school and the Odessa Navigation School, participated in the first bourgeois-democratic revolution in Russia. On June 19, 1905, a revolt broke out on the Prut in support of the uprising on the ironclad Potemkin. The crew gained control of the ship and elected a ship’s commission with the Bolshevik A. M. Petrov as chairman. The Prut sailed for Odessa to make contact with the Potemkin, but the latter had already sailed for Rumania. It was then decided to set sail for Sevastopol’ and excite rebellion there. On June 20 the unarmed Prut was seized by two torpedo boats and brought to Sevastopol’.

Forty-two crewmen were put on trial. The leaders of the revolt, Petrov, I. F. Adamenko, I. A. Chernyi, and D. M. Titov, were sentenced to death on July 31 and shot on Aug. 24, 1905; 16 men were sentenced to hard labor for terms ranging from four to 18 years, and the remaining crewmen were sentenced to join convict labor gangs and disciplinary battalions. For several years the Prut served as a prison ship. In 1909 it was converted into a minelayer. On Oct. 30, 1914, during World War I, the Prut was sunk by its crew upon encountering the German cruiser Goeben.

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a river in E Europe, rising in SW Ukraine and flowing generally southeast, forming part of the border between Romania and Moldova, to join the River Danube. Length: 853 km (530 miles)
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(27) The bishop claimed to support the "pure Moldovan language" used in church services, which was not tainted by influences from beyond the Prut. Of course, this did not result in an alternative nation-building project akin to the one pursued by Soviet authorities in the 1920s and 1930s in the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.
The illustrative Discourse on the entrance in the Academy of Moldova (2010) of the honorary member Adrian Paunescu--who confessed that Bessarabia belongs to his inner being--paid homage to the great creators from both banks of the Prut river, who "recognized their responsibility in the destiny of the language which united all Romanians.
Si bien el propranolol es un antagonista de los receptores [beta]-adrenergicos, tambien se reporto su influencia sobre los receptores serotoninergicos (Giacovich & Enero, 1984; Middlemeis, 1984; Prut & Belzung, 2003; Sprouse & Aghajanian, 1986).
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The mountain unity is part of the Oriental Carpathains chain, the maximum altitude is of 1907 metres in the Ceahlau Mountains (Ocolacul Mare crest) in Neamf and the minimum altitude is of less than 100 metres on the Valley of the Prut (Pop, 2000).
The little boy who was on the verge of getting lost-or even killed-in that savage foreign land could go back to being the child of his father and his mother: walking with them along summer streets, an ice cream cone in his hand, or swimming with them in the River Prut" (139).
The protected Areas in the Romanian Danube area are: Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation, Semenic Caras Gorge Natural Park, Beusnita Nerei Gorge Natural Park, Domogled Valea Cernei Natural Park, Macin Mountains Natural Park, Iron Gates Natural Park, Braila Lower Pound Natural Park, Comana Natural Park, Lower Prut Natural Park, Mehedinti Mountains Geo Park, Natura 2000 Sites Community importance sites: 68 (out of 273 in Romania), Areas of birds and wildlife protection: 60 (out of 108 in Romania) (Figure 5).
105.26:8 Galasia like his Milchcow [right arrow] Milcov (Romanian river, the border between former Moldova and Muntenia); (Galitia included Bucovina between 1786-1849 and 1860-1861) (Bucovina: 'Tara Fagilor', 'Buchenland'); 114.04:5 Bukarahast [right arrow] Bucharest; 136.08:4 Ostrov ("island'); 158.19:7 Vallee Maraia [right arrow] place in Romania, not far from Targu Jiu, where Constantin Brancusi accepted the commision for three major sculptures in 1935; well known for its wines; 209.17:6 pruth ("the river Prut'); 403.09:3 Tegmine--sub--Fagi ("mine.birch trees"); 554.01:2, buckarestive
Prut and Belzung (2003), reported that anxiolytic-like drugs induce an increase in central locomotion in animals.
Prut Antlasmasi (1711) ve Kucuk Kaynarca Antlasmasi'nda (1774) oldugu gibi Rusya her yeni antlasma sonrasi bu hakkini yeniden tazelemek zorunda kalmistir.
Selon Abderraouf Jeday, directeur central de la direction des voitures relevant de la Societe Tunisienne d'Assurance et de Reassurance (STAR), le montant minimum prut atteindre les 5 mille dinars et que la majorite des accidents fictifs ont ete enregistres dans les gouvernorats du Nord-ouest.