Psalms of Solomon

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Psalms of Solomon:

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[Gr.,=things falsely ascribed], a collection of early Jewish and some Jewish-Christian writings composed between c.200 B.C. and c.A.D. 200, not found in the Bible or rabbinic writings.
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includes evidence in his discussion from the Psalms of Solomon and other Jewish writings of the so-called intertestamental period that have not been found in Qumran caves.
On this he builds his discussion of messianism in later Jewish writings, Psalms of Solomon and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
No attempt is made at systematic coverage of the topic; rather, there are individual essays on the Hasmonean revolt, in modern historiography; holy war and visions of redemption in the Hasmonean period; Daniel and his friends in exile; the idea of the servant of G-d in the book of Daniel; Simeon ben Shetah and Alexander Jannaeus; the Psalms of Solomon, the Hasmonean decline and Christianity; and the Great Sanhedrin in vision and reality.