psidium cattleianum

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strawberry guava

strawberry guava

Small tree up to 20 ft tall (6m) Fruit tastes like passionfruit mixed with strawberry. The small white seeds can be roasted as a substitute for coffee. Fruit skin can also be eaten. Leaves can be made into tea.
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Drosophila suzukii tambem foi encontrada associada a frutos de Psidium cattleianum em decomposicao e pela primeira vez, associada a frutos de mamao, ao nivel do mar.
Similar results were found in seedlings of Tabebuia chrysotricha grown under 70% shade at 130 days after planting (Endres et al., 2010), in Psidium cattleianum grown under 30% shade at 120 days after planting (Ortega et al., 2006), in Trema micrantha (L.) Blume grown under 48% shade at 120 days after germination (Fonseca et al., 2002) and in Simarouba amara Aubl.
En la misma se puede apreciar la formacion de dos grupos y dos subgrupos bien definidos, asi como la separacion de las cinco accesiones externas Psidium cattleianum; Psidium araca; Psidium salutare; Psidium spp.
fruit sampled Myrtaceae Psidium cattleianum 1396.0 145 Myrcianthes pungens 655.4 345 Psidium guajaba 7986.9 195 Acca sellowiana 10270.7 373 Eugenia uniflora 162.6 8 Hexachlamis edulis 449.2 25 Ebenaceae Diospyros kaki 2922.3 46 Moraceae Ficus carica 2147.6 40 Maclura pomifera 6359.0 21 Rutaceae Fortunella margaritus 192.2 20 C.
(2014) did not observe influence of climatic factors (such as radiation, precipitation and temperature) over the Psidium cattleianum flowering, however a relation between length of the day and temperature with the presence of fruits was observed.