Psychic News

Psychic News

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The Psychic News is Britain’s premier newspaper covering psychic and Spiritualist subjects. It was established in 1932 and is the world’s oldest weekly newspaper of its kind. The first issue was published May 28, 1932. Today it has worldwide distribution.

The newspaper was founded by medium and psychic researcher Maurice Barbanell, who was its editor for many years. He was inspired by spirit guides to call it Psychic News. Hannen Swaffer, the well known journalist and Spiritualist, was closely involved in the startup, as was medium Arthur Findlay.


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Once I sign in, I will listen to a voice-mail recording of the daily newsletter in which Susan reads psychic news and gives tips on "keeping up vital energies.
Philip, who is based in Wolverhampton, said he was so impressed by that what he found at the station he covered it in his column for Psychic News, a weekly publication sold worldwide.