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1. any synthetic, semisynthetic, or natural chemical substance used in the treatment, prevention, or diagnosis of disease, or for other medical reasons
2. a chemical substance, esp a narcotic, taken for the pleasant effects it produces
3. drug on the market a commodity available in excess of the demands of the market
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Any substance used internally or externally as a medicine for the treatment, cure, or prevention of a disease.
A narcotic preparation.
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principle of evil. [Zoroastrianism: Leach, 325]
See: Evil
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The interpretation of drugs in your dreams depends on the relationship you have with drugs in your daily life and whether they are doctor prescribed or not. If you are a drug user, then the drugs are an extension of what you normally do, and you need to look at the other details of your dream to get a good interpretation. However, if you use drugs rarely or never, then this dream could represent a need to get well, to escape from daily stress, and a desire to get quick relief. The drugs could be suggesting a need for healing and getting in balance. Your unconscious mind may be suggesting outrageous things in hopes that you get the message to “have fun, dream dreams, and get out of your own head!” Please keep in mind that the purpose of dreams is to raise our consciousness and to assist us in having better lives. The message in the dream about drug use is most likely not encouraging you to use drugs but it may represent a need to feel better or get better.
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Whereupon it is possible that therapists may come to realise that, for example, not prescribing psychoactive drugs such as benzodiazepines is the best option they can choose and the one that causes the least harm, even though their decision may not always resonate emotionally with the patient or their family members.
Since 1961, the 185 countries that signed the Convention have been expected to implement its irrational and harmful rules, which exclude two of the most harmful psychoactive drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
Based on the patients' medical history and clinical characteristics (61 years old female; developed double eyelid spasm, twitches of mouth and cheek; no abnormal MRI of her head or thyroid dysfunction; no facial trauma history), the diagnosis was Meige syndrome, and the aggravation of the conditions were related to the psychoactive drugs. Differential diagnosis: 1) Xeroma: xeroma was ruled out by immunological tests and eye examinations, moreover, the patient did not experience any dry sensation of her eyes, which suggested that the prerequisite of xeroma was absent.
This can be explained by the perspective of "normalisation of recreational drug use." (26,27) As a coping mechanism to strong competition and the harsh reality facing young people today, more and more of them, regardless of age, gender, and socio-economic background, like going to parties / clubs and consume psychoactive drugs for the temporary pursuit of security and youth identity.
Toxicology and management of novel psychoactive drugs. Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 28, 50-65.
Still others ingest ayahuasca or other intense psychoactive drugs. All are seeking the same thing: in a word, enlightenment.
According to the draft, the two countries are in agreement on the risks posed by breaking customs laws, specifically in terms of illicit trade in drugs and psychoactive drugs.
Last year, the Welsh Government's Substance Misuse Annual Report 2013 revealed an increase in support for those with drug or alcohol misuse issues and a concerted effort to identify and deal with new psychoactive drugs such as mephedrone.
Al Suwaidi appealed to parents to follow up with their children, strengthen control on their practices, meet their friends and talk to them about the dangers of narcotic and psychoactive drugs, including tramadol.
The proportion of five-year pre-admission prescriptions for psychoactive drugs (those that affect mental functioning such as mood, behavior, or thinking processes) were similar to those for hospitalized patients (48.7 percent versus 48.8 percent) but higher than those for the general population (33.2 percent).
Hoffman died from a mix of heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and benzodiazepines, which are psychoactive drugs, said a spokeswoman for the New York City medical examiner.
As a character in the book explains, "In several trials for psychoactive drugs, placebo worked as well or better than the active drug.