Psychology, Institute of

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Psychology, Institute of


(full name, Institute of Psychology of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR), an institute established in Moscow in 1971. Research at the institute is designed to treat comprehensively the fundamental problems of general psychology and the theoretical bases of its applied branches and to formulate a plan for the long-term development of psychology in the Soviet Union. Research is also conducted on the sociopsychological aspects of the organization and activity of workers’ collectives, on the psychology of personality, on the psychological problems of social labor, creativity, and managerial processes, and on the material bases of the psyche.

The Institute of Psychology is the central organization working on problems of general, social, engineering, educational, and medical psychology, the psychology of special applied areas, and physiological psychology. It is entrusted with the responsibility of improving the skills of psychologists and training specialized personnel in psychology; this includes graduate students, stazhery (psychologists on a special course not leading to a degree), and those doing advanced research work. It is also responsible for providing assistance at the theoretical level to higher and secondary specialized educational institutions.

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