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You can run, but you cannot hide from psychotronic weapons.

It is well known that strobe lights can trigger epileptic-type seizures.

Even the pulsating lights from television cartoons and other programming have prompted seizures and made both children and adults become ill. The human sensory receivers are extremely susceptible to disturbances in the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums that are ordinary and usual aspects of our environment. If some nation or agency were to focus an attack on the human sensory apparatus of a population by directing weapons that utilized microwaves, lasers, and acoustics, the victimized people would soon capitulate.

A quotation attributed to Major I. Chernishev of the Russian army has circulated widely on the Internet. “It is completely clear,” according to the major, “that the state which is first to create such weapons will achieve incomparable superiority.” The weapons to which Major Chernishev refers are psychotronic instruments designed to introduce subliminal messages or to alter the body’s psychological and data-processing capabilities. Using electromagnetic, vortex, or acoustical energy waves, such weapons would introduce to the minds of its human victims impulses or data that would confuse and in extreme cases completely incapacitate the internal signals that normally keep the body in balance. As yet, there are no defenses against psychotronic weaponry. As some intelligence experts have observed, computers can be protected by a firewall, but the human mind cannot.

The psychotronic instruments of warfare that are being developed at the present time including the following:

  • Russian Virus 666, a computer virus that creates a visual combination of colors which can place computer operators in a trance state and inject thoughts into their subconscious. In some cases, Virus 666 can cause arrhythmia of the heart.
  • Acoustic rifles that can vibrate the internal organs of human targets, stunning or nauseating the victims. At high power and close range it can knock a person down with a shock wave or cause the enemy’s inner organs to spasm and induce great pain. At longer range, the acoustic or sonic frequencies can cause the hair cells in the inner ear to vibrate so rapidly that the enemy is incapacitated due to vertigo and nausea. The sonic waves of such rifles can penetrate buildings.
  • Microwave rifles that can heat up the body of an enemy and induce epilepsylike seizures or cause cardiac arrest.
  • The Black Widow, a pulse wave weapon that can affect the signal from the motor cortex of the enemy’s brain and cause uncontrollable, involuntary muscle spasms.
  • An interrogation psychotronic device that can remove information stored in a person’s brain, send it to a computer for modification, then reinsert it into the brain so that the interrogators can control the subject.
  • Psychotronic generators that can be directed toward large populations and cause mass hallucinations, sickness, zombielike states, and even death.
  • Ultrasound generators capable of performing bloodless surgeries—or assassinations—without leaving a mark on the skin.
  • In 2007, Major-General Boris Ratnikov of the Russian Federal Custodial Service admitted that work continued on the creation of a psychotronic weapon that could make normal individuals become muddle-headed zombies at a distance of hundreds of miles. Russia, Major-General Ratnikov said, had been working on the effects of a psychotropic impact on humans since the 1920s. After the break-up of the Soviet Union, twenty centers working on such weapons were said to be closed, but work continued in secret laboratories. In less than a decade, Ratnikov said, psychotronic devices would be more dangerous than nuclear weapons.
  • In July 2009, North Korea was rumored to have created a super Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) that would be capable of knocking out the electric grid of the lower forty-eight states if it were to be utilized against the United States.
  • In late October 2011, Spanish authorities likely tested a new EMP weapon—developed during the Iraq war—on the unsuspecting citizens of a city south of Malaga, Spain. For one hour, no mobile phones within 500 meters of the police station would work. In addition, no cars within that area could be made to start, and all television signals were knocked out. During the duration of the test, thousands of unsuspecting Spanish inhabitants of the city had their normal lives completely disrupted.
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In the war to "Smash Greater Central Asia," the great game is being played-out as a massive psywar, with both sides using the same covert tactics to produce opposite results.
The objective of the psywar against these CIS countries is to gain the loyalties of the individual governments in a bidding war for the least costly solutions available to the Center.
It is the nature of psywar (psychological warfare) that each small operation builds upon the previous operations, in a kind of inverted pyramidal edifice, where all building blocks rest upon one original faulty foundation stone.
The psywar is far more important than the real war.
But after the game, the two said that their altercation is nothing more but a little psywar as they were just trying to get to each other's head.
Ang tawag naman dyan psywar (Let's talk, do you want us to repeat what we have done?
So far, US psywar tactics, like sending warships near China's military installations in the disputed Spratlys, have failed to stop the frenzy of Chinese rapid military buildup in the entire South China Sea.
I was made to appear as the new CPP secretary general so that the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police could collect higher monetary reward or bounty for my arrest and for psywar operations, the NDFP consultant said in a statement released through Karapatan.