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A triangular mass of mucous membrane growing on the conjunctiva, usually near the inner canthus.
Overgrowth of the cuticle forward on the nail.
(vertebrate zoology)
A generalized vertebrate limb.



a disease of the conjunctiva of the eye in man and animals, characterized by formation of a conjunctival fold of the sclera that gradually grows on the surface of the cornea and becomes united with it. In man, pterygium is generally caused by prolonged exposure to strong wind, dust, or chemical irritants. The disease develops in the interpalpebral fissure, usually on the nasal side, in the form of a triangle whose base lies on the sclera. If the pterygium reaches the cornea’s optic zone, vision is reduced. The disease is treated surgically.

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Pterygium surgery with Amniograft is simpler and shorter compared with conjunctival autograft, as it eliminates the need for preparing an autograft of sufficient quality and thinness for optimal grafting.
Keywords: Amniotic graft, Corneal ulcers, Ocular surface disorders, Re-epithelialisation, Pterygium.
To evaluate the outcome of serum assisted conjunctival autograft in primary pterygium surgery.
Pterygium in 1 animal was removed surgically after ligation without reoccurrence for a period
3,8,9,10) The Mediterranean region of Turkey has geographic and climatic high-risk factors for pterygium.
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His fingernails were cracked and atrophied, with some nails having pterygium, which started in late adolescence [Figure 4].
Nail changes, such as longitudinal ridging and splitting, onycholysis, red lunula, yellow nail syndrome, and pterygium formation, can occur.
Key services are pre-screening for cataract, glaucoma, retinal and corneal disease, chalazion (cyst in the eyelid or kuliti) removal, treatment of dry eye and pterygium (corneal growth experienced by people who are often outdoors), and treatment of other corneal, retinal, and external eye disease treatment.
The 27-year-old had developed a condition called pterygium -- commonly known as surfer's eye.
He said: "UV radiation can play a contributory role in the development of ocular disorders such as cataract, pterygium, cancer of the skin around the eye, photokeratitis [the burning of the cornea due to excessive exposure to sunlight] and corneal degenerative changes, and may contribute to age-related macular degeneration.