a river in the Byelorussian SSR, a left tributary of the Pripiat’. It measures 421 km long and drains an area of 9,470 sq km.

The Ptich’ originates on the Minsk Upland and flows through Poles’e. It is fed predominantly by snow. There is high water from the second half of March through May, with an increase in the level of 2–3 m. The low-water period occurs in summer and fall and is interrupted by flash floods. The mean flow rate is 48 cu m per sec. During high water, part of the Ptich’ flows into the Svisloch’ River via the canalized channel of the Titovka River. There is a freeze-up from December through March. The main tributary is the Oressa, on the right. The Volchkovichi Reservoir is located on the Ptich’. Timber is floated on the river, which is navigable during high water for 80 km from the mouth.

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YOU could see on the faces of the Wales players at the final whistle they were glad to have got off the ptich with a narrow win over minnows Georgia.
We're going out there and giving it everything on the ptich whereas in years before, lads might have had eyes on the All-Ireland final.
If they players are not given their basic salary then whatever happens on the ptich is ruined.
indicates upward change of ptich within the boundaries of a word; inserted before the syllable in which the change occurs
With only 21 wickets having fallen in the first three days and the ptich showing no signs of breaking up, it is
Sunderland's home match with Preston - postponed nine days ago because of a waterlogged ptich - will be played on Tuesday, March 9 (8.
Khorosho umiraet pekhota, I poet khorosho khor nochnoi Nad ulybkoi priplyusnutoi Shveika, I nad ptich'im kop 'em Don-Kikhota, I nad rytsarskoi ptich 'ei plyusnoi.
THE SPL was plunged into utter farce yesterday when Motherwell's clash with champions Celtic at Fir Park was postponed for the THIRD time due to a waterlogged ptich.
FLASHPOINT: Arsene Wenger's feud with then Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho spills onto the ptich at the Carling Cup Final; FIGHTING TALK: Arsene Wenger took the moral high ground over Jose Mourinho