Ptolemy XIII

Ptolemy XIII,

61?–47 B.C., king of ancient Egypt (51–47 B.C.), of the Macedonian dynasty; son of Ptolemy XIIPtolemy XII
(Ptolemy Auletes) , d. 51 B.C., king of ancient Egypt (80–58 B.C., 55–51 B.C.), of the Macedonian dynasty, illegitimate son of Ptolemy IX. He is also called Ptolemy Neos Dionysus.
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. On the death of his father he was under the guardianship of PompeyPompey
(Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus) , 106 B.C.–48 B.C., Roman general, the rival of Julius Caesar. Sometimes called Pompey the Great, he was the son of Cnaeus Pompeius Strabo (consul in 89 B.C.), a commander of equivocal reputation.
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. He was completely overshadowed from the start by his brilliant and celebrated sister, CleopatraCleopatra
, 69 B.C.–30 B.C., queen of Egypt, one of the great romantic heroines of all time. Her name was widely used in the Ptolemaic family; she was Cleopatra VII.
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, who became his wife and ruled with him. She disagreed with his advisers, notably the eunuch Pothinus, and fled to Syria. She came back (48 B.C.) with an invading army. At this juncture the defeated Pompey arrived seeking refuge and was put to death by Pothinus. Julius CaesarCaesar, Julius
(Caius Julius Caesar), 100? B.C.–44 B.C., Roman statesman and general. Rise to Power

Although he was born into the Julian gens, one of the oldest patrician families in Rome, Caesar was always a member of the democratic or popular party.
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 followed immediately. He fell under the influence of Cleopatra, forced Ptolemy XIII to share the throne with her again, and put down a rebellion raised by Pothinus. Ptolemy was thus defeated. He drowned accidentally in the Nile.
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When Ptolemy XII died, he made Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy XIII joint rulers, but Ptolemy soon ousted Cleopatra.