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public broadcasting:

see broadcastingbroadcasting,
transmission, usually using radio frequencies, of sound or images to a large number of radio or television receivers. In the United States the first regularly scheduled radio broadcasts began in 1920 at 8XK (later KDKA) in Pittsburgh.
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One of the reasons the pubcasting initiative is so welcome is that top broadcasters E1 Trece and Telefe produce much of their own content or have output deals with the likes of Ideas del Sur and Pol-ka.
Radio Television Espanola (RTVE), Spain's main pubcasting group, announced last week it would match 2007's 34 million [euro] ($53 million) film investment this year.
Pubcasting execs, too, had little good news for documakers.
All this is a far cry from just five years ago, when "international co-production" and "the future of pubcasting" (not podcasting!) were the trade show topics du jour.
Pic is a natural for multiple exposures on the global fest circuit, and likely will crick with simpatico viewers through pubcasting and cable showcases.
Beyond fest play, the feature seems most suited for pubcasting, with the complete series sure to stand as an important educational tool and historical record.
To compete with commercial broadcasters such as Polsat and TVN while fulfilling its cultural and educational pubcasting remit, TVP will move most cultural programs to thematic channels.
Ken Tomlinson admits he didn't come to praise pubcasting. But neither, he insists, did he come to bury it.
Presence of heavyweights like Renee Fleming and Yo-Yo Ma, letting their long hair down, should get this into music-minded fests and onto pubcasting outlets everywhere.
The Labor party, which has been out of the ruling coalition for several years, is one of the strongest supporters of the pubcasting system as it is.
Mann is the "consultant" Tomlinson hired to monitor pubcasting for liberal slants.
Film will make ideal pubcasting material, and a fine educational tool in nonfundamentalist school districts.