Pubic Symphysis

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pubic symphysis

[′pyü·bik ′sim·fə·səs]
The fibrocartilaginous union of the pubic bones. Also known as symphysis pubis.
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Pubic Symphysis


the union of the left and right pubic bones by a cartilaginous plate, which has a slitlike cavity filled with synovial fluid.

The pubic symphysis is secured by anterior, posterior, and superior public ligaments. During pregnancy, the pubic symphysis becomes larger and more extensible, facilitating childbirth.

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Comparing Figures 1 through 9, there is a clear similarity between distributions of antemortem and postmortem stature and age, though it is noted that the use of McKern and Stewart (1957) demonstrates a regression to the mean for pubic symphysis age point estimates as compared to the antemortem data.
Caption: Figure 8: Widened pubic symphysis, bilateral coxa vara, and widened triradiate cartilage and sacroiliac joints can be seen in the pelvic radiographs (6.5 years).
On pelvis X-ray PA view, a gap in the region of pubic symphysis was visualized, suggesting the diagnosis of PSD [Figure 2].
(16,34,46) Anterior pelvic plane registration in the lateral decubitus position is limited by access to both ASISs or by pelvic supports obscuring the pubic symphysis. Percutaneous- and ultrasound-assisted registration of the APP may be performed to improve accuracy of registration.
Potential predictors assessed included distance of proximalmost end of GTV to pubic symphysis, largest tumor (GTV) dimension, and anatomic subsite.
During a practice session just prior to presentation to the clinic, he executed a slap shot and immediately felt a sharp pain above the pubic symphysis and along the left inguinal ligament.
Women often have pain and inflammation in the pubic symphysis, which may radiate into the lumbar and thigh areas, mainly in the medial regions.
The suprapubic exit points are marked at two finger-widths lateral to the midline, just above the pubic symphysis. For precise identification of these points, the Foley catheter may be pulled up exactly midline (with the collection bag detached), and the two finger-widths measured on either side.
Symphysiotomy is a surgical procedure carried out on pregnant women in complicated deliveries where the cartilage of the pubic symphysis is divided, resulting in the widening of the pelvis to allow childbirth.
There was a firm nodular abdominal mass measuring 52 cm from the pubic symphysis to the epigastrium.
It has been diagnosed as osteitis pubis, but in my case, there is a widening gap of the pubic symphysis, toward the bottom.
The true visceral fat region was defined as the region with CT values from -190 to -30 Hounsfield units (HU) [12] in the region between the diaphragm at the cranial end and the axial plane with the cranial edge of the pubic symphysis at the caudal end and in the peritoneal or retroperitoneal region manually segmented by a radiologist with 18 years of CT-reading experience.