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Public Authority


one of the most important characteristics of a state. The Marxist-Leninist theory of the state considers public authority to be a specific variation of social compulsory authority, one that arose after society split into antagonistic classes. Public authority supplanted social authority, which was characteristic of the primitive clan-tribal system and served the interests of the entire society, whether it was a clan, tribe, or alliance of tribes.

Public authority is the political authority of the ruling class regardless of the particular state forms in which authority is organized and exercised. The chief functions of public authority are to subordinate—which includes suppressing the opposition of other classes—and to organize and control society according to the economic, political, and nonmaterial interests of this class. In class antagonistic society, public authority is in essence the dictatorship of the ruling class, a means of exploitation of the working people. The apparatus of public authority consists of armed forces, intelligence, governmental agencies, the diplomatic service, and the like. In exploiter states, public authority is alienated from society in political and organizational terms and is maintained at the expense of the working people. Taxes and loans are the material foundation and the hallmark of public authority.

In a socialist state, public authority serves the interests of the people, expresses the people’s will, and is linked to the people by numerous democratic forms that are refined as socialism develops.

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Justin Byrne, consultant at Leamington-based Wright Hassall, said his client's case against a public authority offered a series of cautions for contracting authorities to document evaluations correctly.
There will be few people reading this who have not been a victim of poor service from an out-sourced service, be it call centre, cleaning service, care worker, a private company or a public authority.
Each public authority should send its annual audit report on suo motu disclosure to CIC.
The public authority posted on their Facebook page that a 60-year-old citizen was still missing in Bidiya, about 165km east of Muscat.
The negative definition maintains that the opinions, judgments or statements of the owner of a mandate of public dignity--such as the Romanian President, as a unipersonal public authority or the leader of a public authority--regarding other public authorities do not constitute juridical conflicts between public authorities by themselves.
The direction came after Delhi- based lawyer Shanmuga Patro challenged the Chief Information Commissioner's ( CIC) order saying RGF is not a public authority and doesn't come under the RTI.
From Twitter Follow The Journal on Twitter @TheJournalNews @alistair_sloan (Alistair Sloan) Public authority tell ICO we hold no more info, ICO asks are you sure and public authority finds more info.
Summary: ALGIERS- The Inter-departmental Council recalled, as part of the measures taken Saturday to regulate the situation after the sudden soaring of some first-need foodstuffs prices, the State "sovereign" power in the exercise of public authority.
And it still needs to be the public authority that makes sure the necessary standards are met.
In such cases the relevant public authority can release personal data included in applications for a town planning/construction licence if these are 'information relating to the environment' and this is up to the public authority to decide," Frangou's reply to Theopemtou read.
Twilight institutions; public authority and local politics in Africa.
So, if a private organisation has a contract with a public authority, and that private organisation has an Equal Opportunities policy that falls short of the GED, it could be a legitimate reason for the public authority not to renew the contract.

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